Custom Business Sign

December 13, 2010 | Filed in:

A client in Jackson Hole commissioned me to make a business sign for his office. He requested a Western aesthetic, but with a modern touch. He also wanted some aspect to reflect the history and sense of place of the area. I chose a font that was used on the old National Park Service posters made through the WPA program as part of the New Deal. I hand lettered the font, as it is not available electronically.

This historical tie is especially relevant as Teton National Park was created in part because Rockefeller financed the Snake River Land Company as a cover organization to buy land from locals who didnt want to sell to Rockefeller for fear of the land being given over to the government (and thus families losing the option of working the land). And one of the ultimate factors that lead to the creation of Teton National park was that many families ended up having to sell their land in order to make it through the Great Depression. While most are glad Teton National Park was preserved and did not fall prey to modern day subdividing, it is still a history steeped in complicated social layers. This historical tie seemed applicable to the county’s public defender.

The wood is reclaimed barn wood (pine) and the frame is weld steel treated with a multi-colored patina to give the frame some tonal depth.

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