“Meg is an amazing artist, craftswoman, and collaborator. I had a vision for a wood table for my living room, and she built one that exceeded my expectations. She was attentive to every detail, everything from precisely how high I wanted my table to be, to the color and look of the wood, which I wanted to work with a desk I have and love. The quality of Meg’s work is truly outstanding, as she puts such thought and care into selecting each piece of wood and putting them together to withstand consistent use and changes in temperature in the summer and winter. Meg maintains the natural integrity and beauty of the material while creating something entirely unique, beautiful, and useful.”

Laura Kirk, New York, NY

“Having already commissioned Meg on several projects, I will certainly do so again.  She was exceptionally responsive to requests that involved time constraints and worked with me through several draft versions before delivering the finished product. Time and again the result is a beautiful, and exquisitely unique, piece that I am proud to display- It truly is as though her work realizes a vision of a what I might have created but couldn’t manifest or even visualize without Meg’s artistic gift and attention to detail.”

Robert L. Stepans, Jackson Hole, WY

“I could not be happier with the work that Meg provided, and by “work” I mean both the process and the final product.  I love how Meg involved us in the ideas and design stage, then came back with drawings that exactly matched our taste and our needs.  She continued to consult when necessary, but we also trusted her to make artistic decisions on her own and were completely thrilled with the final product.  Initially it was a big decision for us to make the financial investment in Meg’s work, but my partner and I both have no regrets whatsoever.  In fact, we have discussed several times the fact that we have already forgotten what we spent and now just feel so incredibly lucky that we will have such beautiful work in our home years to come.”
Helena Miller, Brooklyn, NY
“We met Meg by chance BUT it was meant to be. In the past few months we have known her, she has done incredibly beautiful work in our home. Glass and wooden bookcases, stone tiling, copper railing and a custom built closet are just a few examples of her expertise. However, she fulfilled a 20 year dream by designing and building a buffet with bookcases and a compact desk and bookcase for our kitchen. Her attention to details is impeccable and her artistry and vision are amazing.  We bounced ideas off one another in form, design and materials for weeks before we had the final project. She kept in touch with us throughout the entire building process making sure all bases were covered. BUT the best thing about Meg is that she is one of the nicest human beings we have ever met and feel so lucky to have worked with her.  Our new furniture will be handed down for generations.”

Nancy Rosenthal, Brooklyn, NY