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In January I finished a custom table for a client who saw the original “Skinny Buffalo” coffee table and wondered if I could make another one, with slightly different dimensions and in a darker color, to match her dining room table. We raised the shelf up a bit to accommodate dinners on the floor (room for knees to fit under the table) and made it slightly longer and taller, to fit just right in front of her couch. I used the same reclaimed eastern pine from barns in Ohio that I use for many of my reclaimed pieces. But this time I darkened it with an old technique of rubbing in shoe polish. I alternated rubbing in black and brown shoe polish– I didn’t want it to be too dark and lose the warm glow this wood has naturally to it, thus I didn’t want to stain it a solid dark color. Rubbing in the show polish allowed me to smash it into the crevices and give it an overall darker tonal quality without sacrificing the warm glow.

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