Skinny Buffalo, only darker.

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A customer in NYC requested a “Skinny Buffalo” design but in a darker tone to match her current dining room table. We raised the shelf up a bit to accommodate dinners on the floor (room for knees to fit under the table) and made it slightly longer and taller, to fit just right in front of her couch. I darkened the table using an old technique of rubbing in black and brown show polish into the wood and then coating it with Murdoch’s Hard Oil.


New Furniture Piece

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Check out the newest furniture piece I designed and made- the “Skinny Buffalo” coffee table.  I’m working on a series of almost animate furniture pieces to join us in our homes.


Holiday show a success!

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Thanks all who stopped by the Holiday artisan show!  It was great to see so many people and get the good feedback.  It is always good to get my stuff out of the studio and set up to see how it works together and outside of myself.  And special thanks to Jim Andralis and Larry Krone for their fabulous performance!  That Christmas sweater song made my entire holiday season!  Look for them preforming around town– they do the “Hit Parade” at Joe’s Pub every now and then which is a show not to miss- very funny.  And thanks to Sylvia Brewster for joining us and bringing her  great cards, photography and energy to the event!  Happy Holidays- stay sane!  Thanks again- Meg


Brooklyn Artillery Show Over

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Thanks to David Gibson and everyone who helped pull off the Brooklyn Artillery show!  By all accounts it went well.  I will update for the next “Playspace” show when I know anything.  Keep playing!


Holiday Show/Sale/Open House/Party

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December 12th.  Come join us for a holiday artist sale and open house.  There will be hand made cards, ornaments, belt buckles, wood furniture and other locally made gifts.  It is also an open house to celebrate our new, expanded space– “Makeville” is a woodworking school that I share space with and Robin will be there to show off her new area and talk about the classes and events she offers at Makeville (  We are even trying to get some friends to play live music in the evening.   So come by and see the creative stuff we make all day to keep ourselves out of trouble.  Bring friends, spread the word.  Many other businesses in the building will be having sales that day too– it is full of creative designer types.  Come by: 119 8th ave #208– Between 7th and 8th ave in Gowanus.  Close to F stop at 4th ave and 9th street.


Upcoming show!

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I am pleased to invite you all to a group show I am participating in that opens this Saturday, Sept 12th.  It is a PlaySpace project entitled “I’ld like to teach the world to play…”    From the press release: “It is part of a new art fair organized by the Williamsburg Gallery Association called BROOKLYN ARTILLERY at The Castle Braid Lofts,114 Troutman Street, between Central and Bushwick Avenues… Co-curators on this project are David Gibson, Savannah Spirit, Rakien Nomura, Rebecca Eppenstein, and Elizabeth Line.  Featured artists include Dianne Bowen, Marcy Brafman, Jennifer Burbank, Amy Chaiklin, Vincent Ciniglio, Barrie Cline, Katherine Daniels, Linda Griggs, Moira McDonald, Mary Ann Strandell, and Meggan Thompson.”

It is open every Sat and Sunday through the end of Oct.  Come by and say hi!

For more information go to:


Amish barn wood

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I’m currently working on some tables for an office in downtown Brooklyn.  I’m using old Amish barn wood (pine).  I love working with the old worn and warm wood.  Go to “artwork- Furniture” to see photos.   I like working with materials that have a long history already.  I swear I can feel the energy in my hands when I work with the barn wood.  Design wise I am combining some Shaker elements and arts and crafts style, and my own personal preferences.  I also am using old wood joinery techniques which add to the evidence of hand feel of the old barn wood.



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I am back in the blacksmith studio this spring.  The belt buckles have captured my imagination.  More coming to the site soon….



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I took a blacksmithing class this past fall from Marsha Trattner, through SVA.  It was a great class and I love it!  I had always wanted to try forge work and torch work.  I like the idea of forging metal into whatever you want.  This is just the beginning for me in this medium.  Under “New Work” I just posted some photos of belt buckles I made.



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Thanks all who came to and helped with the open studio show!  It went well.  It is great to actually get some pieces finished and show to people.  I appreciate all feedback, so please feel free to let me know what worked and what didn’t and why.   And as for the poker game that was after the show– Robin may have cleaned up this time, but it is about time the shark starts to show her true colors.  😉