Custom Saloon Doors

Roth-Radcliff Saloon Doors

These were custom made for clients in Denver, CO. The frame is reclaimed barn siding and the panels are reclaimed snow-fence, all using traditional joinery techniques. The “R” brand is burned into the panels. The doors swing on café door hinges. I can do any brand request.

1 response to “Roth-Radcliff Saloon Doors”

  1. 2014/06/18 10:44 am Edith Davis said:

    What would be the price of doors shown with a D instead of the R
    What size can yo make them?
    Present doorway 29 1/4
    present doors 14 1/2 wide
    present length 37 1/2 needs to be longer

    cost of shipping included in price ZIP code 61047

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